Turn any monitor into a rotating display of customized Leaderboards, Record Boards, Goal Boards, and more!

A cloud based leaderboard platform that creates a customized rotating display and automatically formats to fit the size of the TV monitor being used.
  • No line wrapping
  • No text breaks
  • No image cutoffs
  • Perfect Fit. Every Time. Every Monitor.

4 Types of Leaderboard Options

Real Time Leaderboards

Perfect for live competitions. Enter up to 50 names and results, and these leaderboards will automatically sort and display your Top 5 or Top 10.

Spreadsheet Leaderboards

Perfect for class or group rosters. Enter two columns from your Excel or Google Sheet (Name/Results), and these leaderboards will display your Top 5 or Top 10 exactly as your import them.

Manual Leaderboards

Perfect for a wide variety of leaderboard styles. These leaderboards will display exactly what you type into them. Multiple event leaderboards, multiple group leaderboards, recognition boards, and more.


Announcements. Pictures. Graphics. Advertisements.

How it Works

Step 1: Choose Template
Choose from 20 different leaderboard templates or send us your own.
Step 2: Customize Leaderboard
Customize your leaderboard with your colors and import your logo.
Step 3: Enter Results
Enter results manually or use the Spreadsheet Import Feature.
The system will create a Rotating Display via a live URL link that will automatically format your leaderboards to maximize the size of the TV monitor(s) being used.
Anthony Cracco
“I must get 30 emails a day telling me how a product is going to make my life easier. Not only have you done that, but you have FAR EXCEEDED my expectations!”

- Anthony Cracco (AD/Head Football Coach) -- Mepham High School (NY)

“We replaced all of our old record boards with an 80″ TV monitor that displays all of our school’s team records. It looks AWESOME!”

- Jon Kohler (Athletic Director) -- Hettinger High School (ND)

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    How to Display
    (3 Options to Choose From)
    The software houses your Boards on a live URL Link. Open the provided URL Link on your device and send it to your TV Monitor in one of three ways:


    Connect your laptop or computer directly into your TV.


    Cast from your laptop or computer to your TV.

    Smart TV

    Open within your Smart TV's Internet Browser.

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